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Pokémon GS Item Info
Miscellaneous Equipment

In this section, you'll find a complete listing of all the items found in Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions, their locations, and what they do in the game. Remember though, some items are only obtained through the Mystery Gift option (talk to the girl in the Goldenrod Mart on the fifth floor that tells you about Mystery Gift to activate the option.)

Miscellaneous Equipment


-Goldenrod Bike Shop

-Allows faster transportation

S.S Ticket

-Prof.Elm(Beat Elite 4)

-Travel on the S.S Aqua ship


-Return the Clefairy Doll

-Easily travel to Johto/Kanto

Escape Rope

-Several locations

-Teleport outside/Pokécenter

Old Rod

-Route 32 Pokécenter

-Fish for Magikarp


-Ecruteak City

-Locates hidden items

Good Rod

-Olivine City(Fish Guru)

-Fish for some good pokémon

Super Rod

-East of Vermilion City

-Fish for LV 40 pokémon

Mystery Egg


-Eventually hatches to Togepi

Coin Case

-Underground Passage

-Holds 9999 Casino Coins


-Flower Girl(Goldenrod)

-Wakes up Sudowoodo



-Distracts wild Pokémon

Rainbow Wing

-Radio Tower/Pewter

-Used to make Ho-oh appear

Silver Wing

-Radio Tower/Pewter

-Used to make Lugia appear

Red Scale

-Capture Red Gyarados

-Trade for EXP.Share

Basement Key

-Imposter Director

-Access Passage basement

Card Key

-Real Director

-Access Radio Tower upstairs

Machine Part

-Hidden in Cerulean Gym

-Give to Power Plant Manager

Map Card

-Cherrygrove old man

-Displays map in Pokégear


-Goldenrod Radio Tower

-Provides radio in Pokégear

Radio Upgrade

-Lavender Town

-Access Pokéflute on radio

Unown 'Dex

-Catch 3 Unown shapes

-Displays all caught Unown

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