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Pokémon GS Item Info
Special/Normal Pokéballs

In this section, you'll find a complete listing of all the items found in Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions, their locations, and what they do in the game. Remember though, some items are only obtained through the Mystery Gift option(talk to the girl in the Goldenrod Mart on the fifth floor that tells you about Mystery Gift to activate the option.)

Special/Normal Pokéballs


-Various Pokémarts

-Catches Pokémon

Great Ball


-Better chance of catching

Ultra Ball


-Most powerful Pokéball

Master Ball

-Prof.Elm/Lucky Number

-100% Guaranteed Catch

Level Ball

-Kurt w/ Red Apricorn

-Used for Low Level Pokémon

Lure Ball

-Kurt w/ Blue Apricorn

-Used for Water Pokémon

Heavy Ball

-Kurt w/ Black Apricorn

-Used for Heavier Pokémon

Fast Ball

-Kurt w/ White Apricorn

-Catch Raikou,Entei,Suicune

Friend Ball

-Kurt w/ Green Apricorn

-Increases happiness to 200

Love Ball

-Kurt w/ Pink Apricorn

-Used for the opposite gender

Moon Ball

-Kurt w/ Yellow Apricorn

-Catch Clefairy,Nidorino,etc.

Park Ball

-Bug Catcher's Contest

-Used to catch Bug Pokémon

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