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Pokémon Crystal Info


First off, you've got your title here. Wheee! It's all blue and crystally. :P

Next we've got what seems like TWO playable characters. We all know the boy (he's not Ash but Hiroki). But the girl is all new, but doesn't have a known name yet. Let's just call her Kristine. :D

Here we have a simple cartoon idea of what the deal is with the cell phone. It's quite simple....

The yellow Game Boy is inserting the Pokémon Crystal game cartridge into it's game thing slot, and also attaching what seems to be a blue MODEM into it's plug dohicky. Then we've got the cell phone (or I'm guessing any phone) plugging into the blue modem.

Now why do thing? Well, this is so that you can battle your friends without even being there! You phone them up, say "I'm too lazy to walk over to your house, so let's play over the phone!" and then you start battling! Wow!

Now as for the game itself, nothing new storyline wise has been added. As far as I know, it's the same a Pokémon Gold & Silver. 

However, aside from "Kristine", a new feature is being added into Crystal. And it's.... battle animations! Yes! Pokémon will move and flare up when you battle them. A-mazing!

This here is the box image for Pokémon Crystal. It's Suikun! ... Yes, the main focus of this game is Suicun. ... Er... that is, you'll be able to find Suikun in the field (like how you can find Moltres or Mewtwo), and that your NEW rival will be a girl with a TON of Suikuns (huh?).

So what are the details about the physical plastic game? 

  • The game will cost ¥3800, which is about oh... $35.61 in the all powerful US Dollar.
  • Pokémon Crystal is set to be released on December 14th, 2000. Why that's a Thursday!
  • The cartridge will be only for Game Boy Color, will have Pocket Printer, Link Cable, infrared Link, and 64GB compatibility. It will also include a attachable back-up feature.... whatever that is. Hmmm...
  • The box will also include the modem thing to that you can hook up your phone to in order to play over the phone.

Wow! I can't wait for it to come out in English! Kind of makes Pokémon Gold and Silver seem insignificant. :P


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