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Pokémon Crystal Info

Many rumors on Pokémon Crystal has come along, however this page will help debunk or prove a great many of them. Hmmmm....


• Pokémon CAN'T learn more than 4 attacks. Unless there's something I missed, I don't think because it's Crystal doesn't give Pokémon NEWER game mechanic abilities.

Crystal WILL be released in the States, and so will the Mobile Transmitter device thingy. Why? I HIGHLY doubt NOA will pass up a Pokémon GB title JUST BECAUSE of modem incompatibilities between Japanese phones and American phones. Without a doubt, NOA designers and programers are already working on a version of the transmitter that works on REGULAR phone plugs. Heck, if Nintendo can convert COMPLICATED VOICE RECOGNITION PATTERNS in Hey You, Pikachu, then it's VERY LIKELY Nintendo can convert telephone signals. Now although NOA "says" that won't translate the game, they also "said" that they won't translate Hey You, Pikachu! because of the voice deal.

UPNetwork.com says that there "new" Pokémon that may be seen in Pokémon Crystal. You know what? There won't be any. Why? First off, Nintendo isn't in a position to hype up 5 new Pokémon in a game. The changes between Gold & Silver and Yellow are as different than the changes from Red & Blue and Yellow.... which is very little. I don't recall seeing Marril, Togepi, etc in my Yellow game.

Secondly, these SAME Pokémon foot prints were in Gold & Silver too! Check out these exclusive screenshots I took while playing the Japanese version of Gold last year (when it came out in Japan).

It's GS Missingno. I was able to battle and capture it using the Gameshark code: 91FCDFD0. Try it yourself on Japanese GS if you don't believe me.

Recognize the footprint? It's the same one seen at UPN.

What also backs up my statement is... UPN has 5 foot prints, 252 through 256. Now in GS, there are 256 Pokémon "slots" in the game (FF equals 256 in hexadecimal). 251 of those slots are used up by REAL Pokémon data.... which leaves 5 EMPTY slots. 5 foot prints, 5 empty slots... and that's Ross!

So that's that, there is NO new Pokémon being introduced in Crystal, nor will it have to do with Pokémon Stadium GS or anything else. The next time we'll see new Pokémon is when a Pokémon game is made for GAME CUBE.



• RockyR at the PA! Forums has confirmed Celebi's existance. Here's what he wrote:

Nick went and supplied that you stick an item in the 'well' in Ilex Forest. Apparently, since I looked at th' screenshots, you get the item from Gantetsu [Kurt]. The item is the "Jiiesu" Ball. Which...confused me for a bit...but it actually means GS. So then you get the GS Ball from Kurt ^_^

Apparently this is after you beat the Kanto side as well...and you might actually find him there.

At least the screenshots were ordered like that is the case. Pokemon number requirements could be an issue too ^_^ Meowth knows his Gameshark cheats well and he could have skipped ahead or done that event modification thing to speed up his play, or he had a lot of time on his hands. ^_O

But it's definite! Awesome.

Score! This also relates to the event that'll happen in the 4th Pokémon movie.



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