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"Stuff is good." - Rocky


I don't think anyone who's been playing Crystal has made any list of all th' changes. That and the previews are rather vague. Where I'm playing...I see what's new. Here's a list. A lot of the stuff hasn't been mentioned. Other stuff is old from the beginning news of Crystal...but if th' list is gonna be concise, it has to be there.

This is what I know from the beginning of th' game to where I am now.

New Stuff from the Beginning:
• The title screen Kinda follows the Yellow theme with the main character [Suicune] flying all over the place.

• Mhnn..everyone knows you can choose to be one of the two heroes. The main character's 'normal' name (Red, Blue, Yellow...) is Kris. That's a choice for the guy or girl. In Japanese, the guy's three other base names...are Youkuse, Takehito, and Takao. The girl's three other base names are Chuhu, Kiyomi, and Satoko.

• The girl's mom is in the hero's house as well as the original one.

• Utsugi has a new second computer... -_-

• Walking into a new area (like from Newbark to Rt. 29) prompts this nice text box at the bottom of the screen to tell you where it is. There's a screesnhot of this included (it's also a screenshot of something different)


• The Pokédex info is new again. Makes for five different (Yellow was cheap in some areas with paraphrasing...but still) sources of info now.


Pokémon Imagry:
• Pokémon animation stuff. Everyone knows they animate...but not specifics.

They'll animate:
> Beginning of battles (the opponent)
> Checking their stats
> Evolution thing.

The animations range from cheaper (Sentret's has like 2 frames repeated) to smooth and awesome (more are the high quality). When you view the stats, you'll get an 'extra' four frames not seen in battle which are along the lines of the Pokémon blinking twice, flapping its' wings, etc. It's usually the blinking.

If the Pokémon is under status conditions, it won't animate. Figures. The animation is meant to enhance the cry I guess, cause it's simultaneous and they open their mouthes and whatnot.


• - Pokémon sprites themselves...have changes. (besides the animation) Seems like they used an edited pallete or something...because a variety of Pokémon have fixed colors. Spearow actually has a pink beak...Pidgey doesn't have pink on th' wings, Unown doesn't have a green edge, Onix is totally gray...Remoraid is lighter....Okay, that's quite enough. ^_^


And...some Pokémon images (when they aren't animated) are from Gold...some from Silver, and some are all new. This is due to fixes and the animations themselves. The Gold image of Mankey was used....because they wouldn't want Mankey to animate, and then stay in a kicking it oughtn't have stopped. Some Pokémon were in the air jumping (like Raichu)...same deal...they used the one where it's standing. Both Pikachus were apparently no good so they made a new one. It's a mix.

Suicune, Entei, and Raikou now have their own tiny picture thing. Now they don't look like the generic 'mammal' one.


Pokémon Relocations:
• Like Yellow, a lot of Pokémon locations are switched. From what I've seen.... (All this applies to Johto. I don't have that Kanto attachment yet)


• Matching with the Pokémon location change...the Game Corner (in Goldenrod) now has as th' Prizes...

Abra for 100
Cubone for 800
Wobbuffet for 1500.

So Abra's price is split and the other two (Ekans, Sandshrew) are available both in the wild


Mega Construction:
• There's even new buildings/houses...etc.. Screenshots are in there.




• There's that Minaki guy... who's after Suicune. I suppose you fight him multiple times...he challenged me once in Cianwood after Suicune runs over the ocean. He's got a Drowzee, a Haunter, and an Electrode (Electrode is apparently his best Pokémon...kind of like the starter is your Rival's best. Electrode already knows Thunder at...LV. 24...making it harder. He's nothing like your Rival because his team is smaller then).

• Looking at strategy guide pictures shows that trainers...a bit frequently, so for Trainers ...mhn... positioning and owned Pokémon... have been moved into new positions (ones that wait for you). It's meaningless, but moreso than Elm's computer... I guess the positions are more tactical...


New Items:

GS Ball
Apparently no one knew to prove me wrong...I assumed from the screenshots that Kurt hands it to you after some accomplishment late in the game. I actually recieved it at the Communication Center from some woman working there. I don't know what I did first...but upon walking in I got it. You can't do anything with it then, however. You just get Oak and his "This isn't the right time for that" deal.

Blue card (?)
It isn't a Buruu card...because it isn't spelled totally the same. A woman at the Radio Tower gave this to me... It relates to some kind of Point system (seeing as it uses the word "Point" and gives a number value.) How you get Points...I don't know. It relates to a new Radio show...that's mentioned at IGN. 'Hello Aoi'. Some hat-wearing woman in the studio has a list of items that can be taken from getting points on the Blue Card.

(Other new items include:)
Hyper Ball
Recover Medicine

Gold Nut
Rare Candy
Taurin (I spose it's talon? The translating sites don't like it.)
"Buromehakin Shin"
"Indometa Shin"
Max Up (Elixir, isn't that it?)

The other three things...I don't know what they are either. C_C I'm guessing a lot of the things there are normal items.


That' far as I can think, all that's new up to the point where I am. -_- ^_^


Stuff is good.

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