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Instructions on how to use your Gym (Stadium) cards

Do you have Pokémon Gym Cards and don't know how to use them? Here's a quick explanation on them:

The Pokémon used in the Gym editions have an icon on them of a certain Gym leader (Brock, Misty, Erika, etc.)

The Gym Edition includes a new type of card, a Stadium card, which is in the form of a Trainer card. When you play a stadium, it is not put in the discard pile afterwards like a regular Trainer, but is instead placed on the side of the playing area. There can only be one stadium in play. If you play a stadium when another stadium is in play, the one in play gets discarded. You can't also voluntarily discard a stadium (like how you can discard a Clefairy Doll at any time).

These stadium cards have certain effects to certain Pokémon. Take the Pewter City Gym card for example. As long as that card is in play, when ever a Brock's Pokémon attacks, that damage is unaffected by the Defending Pokémon's resistance. The Pewter City Gym can only effect Brock's Pokémon, and no other gym leader's Pokémon.

Other Gyms just have general permanent effects which don't target a specific Gym Leader. "Protection Gym" for example forces both players to discard two Energy cards when ever that player uses an Energy Removal or Super Energy Removal. With the Gym, this kind of effect stays in the game forever (until another player plays a Gym card).

Kind of a cool game mechanic, huh?

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