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Gym 2 Info:
Gym 2 Edition Card Archive

The Gym Sets are a bit different than the regular sets. First of all, there are multiple version of the same Pokémon (there are like 3 different Oddish for example). Some of these different version are found only in the Gym Leader's Preconstruted decks. Card only found in those decks don't have a rarity, so this means they're "fixed".

If you want to see what the card looks like, then click on the name!

The set includes:

  • Koga (Trainer) [Rare]
  • Koga's Tangela [Common]
  • Koga's Ditto [Rare-Holo]
  • Koga's Arbok [Rare]
  • Koga's Ekans [Common]
  • Koga's Weezing [Uncommon]
  • Koga's Koffing [Common]
  • Koga's Golbat [Uncommon]
  • Koga's Zubat [Common]
  • Koga's Beedrill [Rare-Holo]
  • Koga's Kakuna [Uncommon]
  • Koga's Weedle [Common]
  • Koga's Pidgeotto [Rare]
  • Koga's Pidgey (Why?) [Common]
  • Koga's Muk [Rare]
  • Koga's Grimer [Common]

  • Team Rocket's Gym (Trainer) [Rare]
  • Team Rocket's Mewtwo [Rare-Holo]
  • Team Rocket's Snorlax [Rare]
  • Team Rocket's Zapdos [Rare-Holo]

  • ______'s Chansey [Super Uncommon]

  • Imakuni?'s Doduo [Super Rare]

  • Sabrina (Trainer) [Rare]
  • Sabrina's Hypno [Uncommon]
  • Sabrina's Drowsey [Common]
  • Sabrina's Golduck [Rare]
  • Sabrina's Psyduck [Common]
  • Sabrina's Mr. Mime [Common]
  • Sabrina's Alakazam [Rare-Holo]
  • Sabrina's Kadabra [Uncommon]
  • Sabrina's Abra [Common]
  • Sabrina's Porygon [Common]
  • Sabrina's Slowbro [Uncommon]
  • Sabrina's Slowpoke [Common]
  • Sabrina's Gengar [Rare-Holo]
  • Sabrina's Haunter [Uncommon]
  • Sabrina's Gastly [Uncommon]
  • Sabrina's Venomoth [Rare]
  • Sabrina's Venonat [Common]
  • Sabrina's Jynx [Uncommon]

  • Blaine (Trainer) [Rare]
  • Blaine's Moltres [Rare-Holo]
  • Blaine's Charizard [Rare-Holo]
  • Blaine's Charmeleon [Uncommon]
  • Blaine's Charmander [Common]
  • Blaine's Mankey [Common]
  • Blaine's Ninetails [Rare]
  • Blaine's Vulpix [Common]
  • Blaine's Kangaskhan [Uncommon]
  • Blaine's Rhyhorn [Common]
  • Blaine's Tauros [Common]
  • Blaine's Rapidash [Uncommon]
  • Blaine's Ponyta [Common]
  • Blaine's Arcanine [Rare-Holo]
  • Blaine's Growlithe [Common]
  • Blaine's Doduo [Common]
  • Blaine's Magmar [Uncommon]

  • Giovanni (Trainer) [Rare]
  • Giovanni's Nidoqueen [Rare]
  • Giovanni's Nidorina [Uncommon]
  • Giovanni's Nidoran (F) [Common]
  • Giovanni's Nidoking [Rare-Holo]
  • Giovanni's Nidorino [Uncommon]
  • Giovanni's Nidoran (M) [Common]
  • Giovanni's Persian [Rare-Holo]
  • Giovanni's Meowth [Common]
  • Giovanni's Gyarados [Rare-Holo]
  • Giovanni's Magikarp [Common]
  • Giovanni's Pinsir [Rare]
  • Giovanni's Machamp [Rare-Holo]
  • Giovanni's Machoke [Uncommon]
  • Giovanni's Machop [Common]

  • Erika's Venusaur [Rare-Holo]
  • Erika's Ivysaur [Uncommon]

  • Lt. Surge's Raichu [Rare-Holo]

  • Misty's Polywrath [Rare]

  • Brock's Dugtrio [Rare]
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