What's New in the Neo Genesis Expansion?

Baby Pokémon cards: These are a special type of Basic Pokémon card. They can evolve into other Pokémon cards. For example, if Pichu evolves into Pikachu, that Pikachu is an Evolved Pokémon, not a Basic Pokémon card. If a Baby Pokémon is your Active Pokémon and your opponent's Active Pokémon tries to attack, your opponent flips a coin. If tails, your opponent's turn ends without an attack.

Darkness () Pokémon and Metal () Pokémon: The Neo Genesis™ set has two new types of Pokémon cards: Darkness () Pokémon and Metal () Pokémon. They have new Energy cards to go with them (but not basic Energy cards - and Energy cards have special powers). The Pokémon aren't the same as the Dark Pokémon in the Team Rocket™ expansion. If a card refers to a Pokémon, it means one of these new Neo Genesis Pokémon. If a card refers to "a Pokémon with Dark in its name," it means a Team Rocket Dark Pokémon.

Pokémon Tools: These are a special kind of Trainer card that you can attach to your Pokémon to help you. Each of the Pokémon Tools says on it how it works. Each Pokémon can have only 1 Pokémon Tool attached to it at any time.

Expert Rules Additions

With all of the new cards in the Neo
Genesis expansion, the Expert Rules
have expanded to show you the
exact order in which certain
things happen. If you're a
beginning Pokémon®
player, don't worry about
these rules. But if you want
to be a Pokémon Master
Trainer, here are
the details!

New rules additions
appear in red text below.


In What Order Do You Do Your In What Order Do You Do Your Attack?

This sequence has one new step. Before you do anything else (even before you announce which attack you're using), if your opponent's Active Pokémon is a Baby Pokémon, flip a coin to see if your attack does nothing. For example, say Charmander is your Active Pokémon and you want to use its Ember attack. If your opponent's Active Pokémon is a Baby Pokémon and you get tails on the Baby Pokémon flip, you don't discard Energy cards from Charmander to use Ember, because you won't even get to the step in which you discard Energy.


Announce which attack your Active Pokémon is using. Make sure your Pokémon has enough Energy cards attached to it to use the attack.


If necessary, make any choices the attack requires you to make. (For example, Natu's Telekinesis attack says "Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokémon." So you choose now.)


If necessary, do anything the attack requires you to do in order to use it. (For example, discard Energy cards, as in Flaaffy's Discharge attack, which makes you discard all Energy cards attached to Flaaffy in order to use it.)


If necessary, apply any effects that might alter or cancel the attack. (For example, if your Pokémon was hit last turn by Lv. 35 Quilava's Smokescreen attack, that attack said that if you tried to attack with that Pokémon during your next turn, you should flip a coin. If tails, your Pokémon's attack does nothing.)


If your Active Pokémon is Confused, check now to see if the attack fails.


Do whatever the attack says. Do any damage first, then do any other effects, and, finally, Knock Out any Pokémon that have damage greater than or equal to their Hit Points.


How Do You Figure Out the Damage?

Start with the base damage. This is the number written to the right of the attack, or, if that number has an x, -, +, or ? sign next to it, it's the amount of damage the attack text tells you to do.


Apply any effects the Active Pokémon has that affect the base damage dealt (for example, Base Set 2 Scyther's Swords Dance). Then if the base damage is 0 (or if the attack doesn't do any damage at all), just stop figuring the damage. You're done now. Otherwise, keep going.


Double the damage if the Defending Pokémon has Weakness to the attacking Pokémon's type.


Subtract 30 damage if the Defending Pokémon has Resistance to the attacking Pokémon's type.


Figure out damage effects of Trainer cards and Energy cards on the attacking Pokémon (like Base Set 2 PlusPower or Darkness Energy).


Figuring out the damage has one new step. That's figuring out effects of cards that affect the whole play area (like Sprout Tower, which says "All damage done by Pokémon's attacks is reduced by 30"). This happens after you figure out effects of Trainer cards attached to the attacking Pokémon, but before you figure out effects of Trainer cards attached to the Defending Pokémon.


Figure out damage effects of Trainer cards and Energy cards on the Defending Pokémon (like Base Set 2 Defender or Metal Energy).


Apply any relevant effects resulting from the Defending Pokémon's last attack (for example, Base Set 2 Onix's Harden) or any relevant Pokémon Powers.


For each 10 damage the attack ends up doing, put 1 damage counter on the Defending Pokémon. (If at this point the damage done turns out to be less than 0, don't do anything.)


Now that damage has been done, if the attack does anything other than damage, do all of that.

In What Order Do Things Happen after Each Player's Turn?

Usually it doesn't matter in what order you do things after each player's turn, but if things get complicated, follow these steps in order:

a) Put damage counters on any Poisoned Pokémon.

b) Flip to see if Asleep Pokémon recover, and have Paralyzed Pokémon recover.

c) Flip to see if Pokémon with Char counters take damage.

d) Put damage counters on any Pokémon with Energy attached to them (except for Pokémon and ones with Dark in their names).



If one of your Pokémon has a Pokémon Tool attached to it and that Pokémon Tool does something between turns, you can use the Pokémon Tool at any time you want between turns.

If your Pokémon and your opponent's Pokémon are Knocked Out at the same time between turns, the player who is about to take a turn replaces his or her Pokémon first (and chooses his or her Prize first as well).




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