"Almost-Instant-Except-You-Have-To-Wait-For-The-Good-Cards Death" (Yes that was the title) (by Chris Gutzeit)

14 Fire
14 Psychic
2 Double Colorless

Fire Pokémon:
3 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
1 Flareoen
2 Ponyta
1 Rapidash

Psychic Pokémon:
2 Gastly
1 Haunter
1 Jynx
4 Abra
4 Kadabra
2 Drowzee

Colorless Pokémon:
2 Jigglypuff
1 Wigglytuff
1 Kangaskhan
2 Eevee

OOPS!! I didn't put any in this deck!!!

Basic Idea-
The Basic Idea of this deck is send out a high hp pokemon to aborb the damage while you build up a good pokemon like Chameloen and Kadabra. If you want to pack more power, try adding a Charizard and Alakzam. Remove the Eevees, Flareoen, and Drowzees. Fill the rest up with Fire energy and maybe two Psychic Energy.

How well this deck works-
Like most this in pokemon, It mainly depends on your oppenat's deck. You will surely lose agianst a Psychic Water deck, but have a good chanse vs a Plant Fighting. In my history of this deck it was pretty good. It beat my dad's Fighting Water (can't remember the name of the pre-construted Jungle one. Help?). I couldn't bat him anytime eles. It even beat my Fire Water (mostly fire. I only used 4 magikarp and 4 Gyrados)!!

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