Almost Colorless Deck (by Chris Allran)

Colorless Pokémon:
2 Eevee

Fighting Pokémon:
2 Rhyhorn
1 Mankey
2 Aerodctyle (Fossil)

Grass Pokémon:
1 (Bulbasaur)
1 Ivysaur
2 (Weedle)
2 Kakuna
1 Beedrill
1 Scyther

Fire Pokémon:
2 Charmander
1 Charmeleon
2 Flareon
2 Ponyta
1 Rapidash

2 Switch
2 Energy Removal
1 Pokemon Trader
4 Potion
2 Energy Transfer (Fossil)
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Fossil

3 Double Colorless
6 Fighting Energy
6 Grass Energy
7 Fire Energy


The concept of this deck is to bring out multiple colours of pokemon that can stall/attack for no or almost no coloured energy to combat any types. The switches are anti-gust and to bring out a pokemon with different weak/resists. The ERs and potions are for stalling to bring out energy. The transfers and retrievals are for getting the right energy, and the traders to get the right pokemon.

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