Bench Go Bye Bye! Deck (by: Philippe Van Lieu):

It's bench destruction. Very evil!

Electric Pokémon:
3 Magnemite
2 Magneton (Fossil)
4 Pikachu (Jungle)
1 Raichu (Fossil)

Colorless Pokémon:
2 Kangaskhan

Psychic Pokémon:
4 Gastly (Fossil)
3 Haunter (Fossil)
3 Gengar

2 Pokémon Breeder
3 Pokémon Trader
2 Computer Searche
2 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Defenders

11 Electric Energy
12 Psychic Energy

The deck is slow in the beginning, so use the Kangaskhan as a staller and use it only for Fetch. After you get some pumped up Pokémon on your bench, then it's time to start destroying the bench.

Magnemite/tons are used for their Self Destruct attacks. The Defenders can be used to keep them alive after doing damage to themselves.

Pikachu and Raichus hit the bench and the active Pokémon.

Use the Gengars to move damage around and knock benched Pokémon out.

This deck is very keen and powerfull once everything is out. I've been able to knock 3 Pokémon out at the same time. How about that?

Customize! If you wish, you may replace the Magnemites/tons with Fossil Zapdos's.

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