Jesse & James of Team Rocket Deck (by: My Friend, Nate):

Grass Pokémon:
4 Ekans
3 Arbok
4 Koffing
3 Weezing

Colorless Pokémon:
3 Meowth
2 Persian
2 Lickitung (yeah... Jesse has one)

4 Potion
4 Bill
2 Oaks
2 ER
4 PlusPower

20 Grass Energy

Strategy? What strategy?

Well, this is a bit of a Stasis deck. All the Grass Pokémon can with either Confuse, Poison, or Paralyze. The PlusPowers really help raise the power of it. Other than that, you just play this as a regular deck, if not a fun deck. Hah!

As a real kicker, if anyone has the "Here Comes Team Rocket!" trainer card from the Team Rocket edition set, put them in here! It is a Jesse & James of TR deck, right?

Hold up... so now I'm guessing you're asking: "If this is a Team Rocket deck, then why the Oaks and Bills? Why don't work for Team Rocket!" Well, let's just as Team Rocket got smart for once and kidnapped Bill and Oak. OK?

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