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Other Interesting Stuff:
Thunderstorm Deck List

Now before I get to the decklist, here's some accessories details.

• The coin is a metal Pikachu coin. Yes, Em-Eee-Tea-Ay-El, Metal. Wheee!
• Version 2 of the PlayIt! CD is said to have a greater game play function. You can now battle your computer with like 7 different decks!

Coolness! And here's the deck list:

1 Electabuzz (Rare Card!!)
1 Lt. Surge's Voltorb
2 Magnemite
4 Pikachu (Jungle)
1 Raichu (Fossil, non-holo) (Rare Card!!)
1 Zapdos (Fossil, holo) (Rare Card!!)
1 Golduck
1 Misty's Poliwag
2 Psyduck (Fossil)
1 Psyduck (Team Rocket)
1 Doduo
1 Farfetch'd
1 Fearow
2 Spearow

2 Bill
1 Defender
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Energy Search
1 Misty's Wrath
1 Pokeball
1 Potion
1 Professor Oak
1 Super Potion

16 Electric Energy
8 Water Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy
1 Full Heal Energy
1 Potion Energy

Quite a number of rares in the deck? A-mazing! Then with....

  • Three 11-card booster packs (1 Fossil, 1 Rocket, and 1 Gym: Heroes pack)
  • One all new, 60-card theme deck with a holo rare (The Thunderstorm Preconstructed deck, possibly has a BS2 or Fossil Zapdos)
  • Learn to Play! CD-ROM Version 2 (HOPEFULLY MacOS compatible. That was their first mistake in the first CD version.)
  • A collectible metal Pokémon game coin (maybe Zapdos)
  • A unique playmat
  • A cloth card deck bag
  • A rulebook
  • A card list
  • 12 paper damage counters
  • A deck tuning tip sheet

...the $24.95 price tag is well worth it, don't you think?? I sure the heck would buy one of these? Maybe 2! I NEED two metal Pikachu coins! :P


(Mr French Fry at the PA! Forums and Wanderer from The PokéGym Forums, gives us info on what's in the mysterious Thunderstorm Box.)

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