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Safari Zone Un-FAQ

This "Un-frequently Asked Questions" page on the Safari Zone set is here to answer some linguring questions that you may have.

Q: Japan never has a Safari Zone set!
A: Actually, this was originally the Japanese "Vending Machine" set. However, since the set name "Vending Machine" will NOT fly as a marketable card set name in English, I decided to change the name to a bit of a more recognisable Pokémon name, the Safari Zone.

Q: Wai-da-minnut... a ton of those Pokémon were NEVER in the Safari Zone in the Game Boy game!
A: Yeah, but Moltres and Horsea aren't fossils, but they're found in the "Fossil" set, aren't they?? ... Actually, it's only a set name, and like Jungle & Fossil, it doesn't necessairly reflect that sort of Pokémon are in it.

Q: So since this is the English version of the Vending Machine set, how come there are Holos? The original set never had holos in it (or rares for that matter).
A: Actually, I modeled this set after what I think WotC will do if and when they bring the set over to North America. First of all, it won't be sold in sheets like in Japan, because that would be too expensive. In that case, it'll be sold in packs. And since it'll be sold in packs, you can't just have commons and uncommons (like in the original Japanese set), so a number of these cards will be turned into rares and holo rares (and for good reason to, Haunter with it's Trainer-in-opponent's-hand attack can really change things).

Q: Hey! How come there is a rare card that is really crappy and a common card that is really good?
A: Once again, I'm no WotC, and I'm only one person. So to give rarities to cards is sort of difficult if you're doing it by yourself.

Q: Hey! How come....
A: Hey, why don't YOU try translating 108 different cards into a really realistic format? ;)

Q: But we didn't ask you to do it.
A: Tough, I'm doing it. And even though I'm doing it, it's fairly difficult to translate into card format 108 cards. So just wait on the mistakes questions until AFTER I've finished the set.

Q: OK... but then how come Max Revive and Master Ball is in this set?
A: Because Max Revive and Master Ball was originally in this set. However original Japanese Gym 2 preconstructed decks included these cards, and I suppose WotC decided to add it into the base Gym: Challenge set.... probably on purpose or by accident, I don't know.

Q: You do know what WotC won't use the name "Safari Zone" because you used it, and if they did use it, you could essencially sue them.
A: Actually, I don't plan to sue them for anything. Besides, I'm only pushing the name as a suggestion. I don't care if my name is or is not on any WotC rule book or anything. All I'd like to see is just the Vending Machine set being called "The Safari Zone" when it comes out in English. Nothing more, nothing less. .... Besides, it doesn't look like Wizards will EVER make this into a full set, so this idea is frankly out the window.

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