Gym: Challenge Print Run Analysis (Part 1)

Hey hey! I just want to show you something.....

So far I have recieved a good number of people sending in their packs lists to me (thanks a lot to those who sent some!). However, I'm not fully finished with the entire print run analysys (actually about half done).

Let's see....... what I learned is that:

Unlike Magic, the 6 commons you get are in each pack from one single "group" (a "group" is a specific order of cards). If there are 3 of these "groups", then the packing machine only takes one of those groups and packs 6 cards from that group into each pack. (Magic on the other hand takes cards from different groups, and NOT a single one.)

I've put together a large chunk of one of those "groups". Below is most of it. Read through it, and I'll tell you what it think.

Lt. Surge's Voltorb
Brock's Geodude
Blaine's Charmander
Sabrina's Abra
Koga's Ekans
Misty's Horsea
Blaine's Doduo
Sabrina's Drowzee
Erika's Oddish
Koga's Grimer
Misty's Magikarp
Blaine's Growlithe
Sabrina's Gastly
Lt. Surge's Pikachu
Koga's Koffing
Misty's Poliwag
Blaine's Mankey
Sabrina's Porygon
Giovanni's Machop
Koga's Pidgey
Erika's Jigglypuff
Blaine's Ponyta
Sabrina's Abra
Giovanni's Magikarp

First off, this lists shows the order of cards in (some of) your packs. If for example, you open your pack and the first card you see is a Koga's Ekans, then chances are that the other cards in the pack will be a Misty's Horsea, Blaine's Doduo, Sabrina's Drowzee, Erika's Oddish, and Koga's Grimer (and in that order). However this isn't 100% accurate, since in several pack lists I've recieved, Sabrina's Abra and Giovanni's Magikarp would be switched, and so would Sabrina's Gastly and Lt. Surge's Pikachu. Hmmmm....

Also, I'm now trying to find the significance with this list and the way the the cards are set up. Notice a bit of a patern in there? I do. Notice how the trainer names are in size order? Koga (4 letters), Misty (5 letters), Blaine (6), Sabrina (7), Giovanni (8) .... Hmmmm....

OK, that's all I have to share with you right now. Right now I'm working on the other "groups" of cards. I'm going to see where this goes. :)

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