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Neo 3 Info:
Neo 3 Card Images

This page has all the Japanese card images for Neo 3... well, most of them. Sort of. Oh well.

Zubat - Common
Golbat - Uncommon
Kurobat - Rare-Holo
Paras - Common
Parasect - Uncommon
Skiploom - Common
Jumpluff - Rare-Holo
Slugma - Common
Magcargo - Uncommon
Entai - Rare-Holo
Ho-oh - Rare-Holo
Goldeen - Common
Seaking - Uncommon
Staryu - Common
Jynx - Uncommon
Quagsire - Common
Quilfish - Common
Remoraid - Common
Octillery - Uncommon
Kingdra - Rare-Holo
Suikun - Rare-Holo
"Golden" Magikarp (?!?!)
"Golden" Gyarados (?!?!)
Raichu - Uncommon
Chinchou - Common
Lanturn - Uncommon
Flaffy - Uncommon
Ampharos - Rare-Holo
Raikou - Rare-Holo
Geodude - Common
Graveler - Uncommon
Aerodactyl - Rare-Holo
Shuckle - Uncommon
Swinub - Common
Piloswine - Uncommon
Starmie - Rare-Holo
Misdrevus - Rare-Holo
Celeby - Rare-Holo
Unown B - Uncommon
Unown K - Common
Unown Y - Uncommon
Smoochum - Common
Farfetch'd - Common
Aipom - Common
Snubbull - Common
Stantler - Uncommon
Porygon 2 - Rare-Holo
Blissey - Rare-Holo
Murkrow - Common
Houndoom - Rare-Holo
Magneton - Rare-Holo
Unstable Bridge (Trainer) - Common
Field of Iyashi (Trainer, Stadium) - Uncommon
Pokémon Day Care (Trainer) - Uncommon
Rocket Hideout (Trainer, Stadium) - Uncommon
Balloon Nut (Trainer) - Uncommon
Neo 3 Uncommons
Neo 3 Commons

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