Pokémon Aaah! Forums:
Forum Specific Rules

Don't think I'm becomming a tyrant with these rules. I'm only writing these up only to keep things at the forums in order and organized. They're pretty basic, stuff like not posting in the wrong forums, and other rules along those lines.

Overall Forums:
• Respect the Moderator's requests. But if a Moderator starts doing stuff that you don't like, tell me (Nick15) about it and I'll work it out.
• You can post links to your web site only if it's part of the post (like if someone asks where they can find some Pokémon fan art, and your site has fan art). Don't just post something like "Visit my site!" and then leave a link. That's not allowed at all.
• Your post may be edited by the forum Moderators.

Random Gossip:
• If your post has nothing to do with the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon Video Games, or Pokémon Fan Fics, then post it here.
• This page is basically a freedom forum, you can just about post what you want here.

TCG Gossip:
• If your post isn't about the Pokémon TCG, then don't post it here. This page is about the Pokémon TCG, and nothing else.
• Don't post decks here. That's done in the TCG Decks forum.
• It's OK to talk about the Pokémon TCG for Game Boy here.

TCG Decks:
• Don't reply to a deck posting with a totally unrelated deck.
• Don't reply to sombody's deck listing UNLESS you are commenting on that deck or posting a varient of that deck to help the person out.
• Don't yell at anybody that either posts a deck or reply's with advice to one of your decks. 
• If you want to post your deck, create a new topic. Be prepared to get all kinds of feedback from other players, both positive and negative. If you are offended by people making negative comments about your deck, then don't post it.

Pokémon Video Games:
• Keep the posts talking about Pokémon games on Game Boy and N64 (or Super Nintendo... :P).
• It's OK to talk about the Pokémon TCG for Game Boy here.

Pokémon Fan Fics:
• Although no one can really control what you write, try to keep your stories original and on topic. Avoid writing stories about Ash meeting Misty, and then traveling to the future to battle robotic warriors, and then have Ash "getting it on" with Misty in the end. That's too pathetic and off topic.