Remember, this is all a fake! Even this story is just something I made up. It's all MADE UP!

... While snooping around WotC's web page, like I always do for news, I came across this hot little item. It's an advertisement for a new card set called "Safari Zone". Curious... I don't recall ever hearing about a Safari Zone set in Japan. But while reading through the advertisement, I noticed a few Pokémon that I've seen on the "Vending Machine" set cards. And then it clicked. WotC is planning to translate the Vending Machine sets!! Sweet!

The web page with the advertisement was talking about the set with very vague details. I do know that the set will be released after Gym: Villians (aka Gym 2), probably around the December 2000 holiday season.

And as WotC always does, differences have appeared between the two sets. First off, it won't be sold in sheets, but in 11 card packs. There will also be a better rarity ration, there will be rares and rare-holos in the set (normally the VM set only had Commons and Uncommons). However, the symbol will be staying the same, with the upside-down Poké Ball.  

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