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PA! News!
Provided by Hackman, our News Editor! (and occasionally Nick15 also.)

If you have a news bit to share, email me, Hackman (pds64@hotmail.com). Full credit goes to you!


Friday, October 20, 2000
Brought to you by Hackman!

Sing with me... ready...
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to you!
So get those emails, IMs, and all sorts of stuff ready and wish him a really cool day today! 
(anyone have a cake handy?)


Tuesday, October 17, 2000
Brought to you by Hackman!

Today in the news:
Everything you get in Gold...

In Gold you get...

Courtesy of XRocket:


Pokémon Zeo, PA!'s newest 'rival' is now up. This is probably the only announcement of this on PA!. =D
Anyway, this is your source for Ech's Neo blanks and Pure's art. Just keeping you informed.



Saturday, October 14, 2000
Brought to you by Hackman!

Today in the news:
Fine, Challenge NOT delayed after all...
Big reminder...

Why I haven't been updating? LACK OF NEWS!!!

Challenge... not delayed.

Wizards is wrong, you can get your Challenge packs already... and could have for the past week. =P


Get your G/S reserve slips ready...



Friday, October 6, 2000
Brought to you by Hackman once again!

Today in the news:
Challenge delayed. Awww......
A cool alternative to Apprentice!

Challenge... delayed.

How predictable? Very. The Phantom X pointed out Wizards' page... it has been updated. The release has been moved to Monday, October 16

Hmm... that's my driving test date... I wonder if that's a sign... oh wait, the PSAT is the next day...

Tired of Apprentice?

RealHomero has sent us an update of his Pokémon Card program. It's updated, and it... works!

He's still working some kinks out, if you're interested in this pretty cool pokémon-only Apprentice alternative, visit his page here.

My only gripe is that it doesn't have promos... only base-rocket.



Wednesday, October 4, 2000
Brought to you by Hackman... hey, that's two in a row!

Today in the news:
Non-holo Birthday Pikas?
If that's not enough... Gym Challenge THIS WEEK!
International Cards

Birthday Pikachu is Holo AND Non-holo!

Just like Mew, Wizards is doing 2 versions of the well-sought card. The Non-holo one is due to come out in Leagues soon. And because of that, Kakkaroto7 has sent us a scan of his 4 Birthday Pikas!

By the way, don't ask him to trade. I already tried that. =þ

Gym Challenge gets a release date! And you'll like this...

Get ready...


Latest Expansion of the World's Most Popular Trading Card Game Features 126 New Pokémon Game Cards and 20 Premium Cards 

October 3, 2000 (Renton, Wash.) - Wizards of the Coast Inc., developer and 
publisher of game-based entertainment products, announced today that the 
Pokémon®*: Gym ChallengeTM expansion will be available in stores nationwide 
October 7, 2000. This is the second card set in the two-part Gym series for 
the world's best-selling and award-winning trading card game.
This latest card set gives Pokémon trainers the chance to put themselves in 
the shoes of four great gym leaders - Blaine, Giovanni, Koga and Sabrina - as 
seen in the animated TV series. This new set contains a total of 126 new game 
cards and features a new design complete with the gym leaders' faces on the 
front of their cards.

Each 60-card, preconstructed theme deck (MSRP: $9.99) includes a rare premium 
card, a 32-page advanced rulebook, 12 damage counters, a game coin and a 
trading card list. Individually wrapped booster packs (MSRP: $3.29) contain 
11 randomly inserted cards and offer trainers the chance to play with and 
collect rare premium cards. More information on the Gym Challenge expansion 
can be found at www.wizards.com/Pokemon.

So where will you be on Saturday?

(thanks to VIVALDIBOY@aol.com and Pkmn6487@aol.com for sending this)

Snorlax in French is...

VIVALDIBOY@aol.com sends us an interesting card in French..

And a Special Announcement...

If you ever get the chance, through AIM, email, or other means...

Wish The Echidna and Dunestar a happy birthday. Both their birthdays were yesterday.


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