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Team Rocket Info:
US Team Rocket Preconstructed Info

This section gives you the info on the decks, along with the Deck listings.




3 Oddish (Rocket)
1 Dark Gloom (Rocket)
4 Koffing (Rocket)
1 Dark Weezing Holo (Rocket)
3 Tangela (BS2)
3 Weedle (BS2)
3 Eevee (Rocket)
3 Squirtle (Rocket?)
1 Wartortle (BS2)
1 Dark Wartortle (Rocket)
1 Magicarp (Rocket?)
2 Dark Vaporeon (Rocket)

1 Full Heal
1 Imposter Professor Oak's Revenge
1 Gust of Wind
1 Super Potion
2 Potion

18 Grass Energy
10 Water Energy

2 Abra (Rocket)
2 Abra (BS2)
2 Dark Kadabra (Rocket)
1 Kadabra (BS2)
2 Gastly (BS2)
1 Haunter (BS2)
3 Drowzee (BS2)
1 Jynx (BS2)
4 Ekans (Rocket)
1 Dark Arbok Holo (Rocket)
2 Weedle
2 Farfetch'd (BS2)
2 Meowth (Rocket)

1 Bill
1 Boss's Way
1 Gust of Wind
1 Switch
2 Potion

18 Psychic Energy
10 Grass Energy
1 Full Heal Energy

 In Both:
1 Meowth Coin
1 Rulebook v4
1 Sheet of Damage Counters


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