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Power & The Internet vs. Nick15.com (January 4th, 2001)

Posted by: Nick15

PA! v4.6.2

Let's see... first off, our Internet Service Provider has charged us $1,800 in internet calls that we didn't make. Because of that, my family will eventually be switching our ISP and such to a different one, at an undisclosed time. More on this right here: The Internet vs. Nick15

Now... the power company are being real jerks right now. .... If you haven't hear it on the news yet, California is in a bit of a pickle with power. If you don't understand what it's all about, I'll give you a really basic and simple to understand idea (subject to changes, since I really haven't been paying attention to this):

Electricity comes from "wholesale" companies. Electric companies (like PG&E in my area) buy electricity like a store would by vegatables from the farmer. ... Now for some reason, the price of "wholesale" electricity skyrockets in California. And the power companies can't afford it. Early on (and right now), this led to black outs in certain areas. Now unless PG&E finds a good source of money, they'll go bankrupt. And if PG&E dies, so will our gas and electricity. The US Governement tried to take care of this Energy crisis, but because of deregulation*, they really couldn't do anything. ... Now the group who regulates our utilities, the Public Utilities Commission (the PUC) decided just recently to have US (the consumers) pay extra on our bills in order to pay for PG&E's financial problems. This price hike is said to help fix this problem... but we'll see soon enough.

(* Now many of you hear about "deregulation", and you probably don't know what it means. Well, deregulation means that the Government no longer has any control over that particular industry, leaving the industry in charge of itself. ... Now because of that, the US Government [who is usually able to take care of problems like this easily] can't do a thing about all this. That's basically all it means.)

Basically... the electric companies don't have enough money to give out electricity to people, and because there's not enough electricity, many areas will suffer from blackouts.

So anyway... all of this problem may lead to blackouts in my area... meaning the Nick15.com server might get shut down at any time (however, the information is still A-OK). These blackout can happen at any time (duh)..... so don't be surprized if Nick15.com doesn't work one day.


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