The Final Farewell... I think not!

So... I'll bet you're probably wondering where PA! was for the past few weeks. I'll also bet you're thinking that this was another one of PA!'s hoaxes. Let me assure you, it wasn't. For the most part, PA! was DEAD. Seriously. It was. NO jokes or hoax here, PA! WAS DEAD.

To bring you up to speed, back on July 24th, the server crashed AGAIN, and deleted everything on it AGAIN. Nick was fed up with doing PA!, so instead of taking the time out to reupload everything, he officially announced that PA! was DEAD. People were outraged, to say the least. I mean there was no announcement other than the forums, which were effectively closed too. But there was no reasoning with Nick. His decision was final.

He originally brought me aboard to take over the day to day routine of PA! since he had lost the drive to do so. He figured that by having me do the news, he could concentrate on the individual page updating. Unfortunately he didn't realize that even by just updating single pages on PA!, it still ate up all his time so he couldn't work on the other things he needed to do, like concentrate on his WEB BUSINESS.

He took the opportunity of his hard drive failure to put a swift end to PA! Now with PA! out of the way, he had time to think... quite a bit of time. He took most of the time to work on his server and get it running at 100%. The main drive was formatted and partitioned thus making it more stable. He was able to install AppleShareIP 6.31 and WebSTAR 4.2, both significantly more stable than what he was using. He installed more memory, worked on a mail server and updated his OS. He bought disk protection software as well as backup devices, all in the name of, but still... nothing with PA!

All through this I tried to reason with Nick. I told him that he owed it to his fans not to let PA! end like this. He owed it to himself too. Nick just didn't seem to be reachable. I tried everything in my power, as did everyone else. As news of PA!'s demise spread, and Nick still refusing to talk to anyone, I received an increasing number of IM's, emails, and even phone calls. (yes, phone calls...) Then finally it came. One day I get a package in the mail. A CD Labeled "PA! 4.5" and a simple note, "You want it, you got it Ech. PA! is yours." Once I said I got the package, Nick was ready to talk.

So then the conclusion was made, PA! will be resurrected (un-dead) under new management. Yes.... PA! is alive once again, but it will be controlled by a new group of people, in a new news/site format. And so from here on out, PA! will no longer be the original "one-man show" it was before. Nick assures me that he will still be involved, but will not be the head honcho for a looooong time.

Thus with that Golden Master CD, I (The Echidna) have been upgraded to Head Webmaster, basically taking over Nick's position as head honcho of the site. I guess you can think of me as President of PA!. I'll represent PA! over the Internet, as well as at various functions when it permits. I'll be updating this page with short insightful comments about various sections of PA!, and do a lot of the administrative work by making important site related decisions. If you have any questions, concerns, offers, etc. please feel free to email me.

Jimmy Cannon, aka MegaX, will be taking care of my old job, the news. The news for PA! will be in a slightly different format that it was before. Over to your left in the sidebar, there's a big fat button that says "Daily News". What Megs' does is he types up the day's news and uploads it to that section where you can see it. Wow! Also, Megs is looking for a few good sailor, er I mean news scouts. If you want to help Jimmy find news for PA!, just give him an email and he'll sort things out.

Megs' job will also include quite a bit of tech support for me. Since he knows Nick's style for page layout and that, he will assist me (read: do a lot of the work. =D ) on the outlying pages of PA! adding and changing info as it requires.

Plus..... (you mean there's more?) Megs' is also the official PA! TCG Master at... PA!. Now although he doesn't have the drivers license or the wheels (or the money) to get him to any Pokémon tourneys, Megs does have card game strategy in his blood. I mean, he's got 5 years of Magic: the Gathering in his resume... and you know how hard Magic is compared to Pokémon. Using the strategies learned from his many years of playing Magic, he can easily put his skills to good use in Pokémon.

Now... aside from Megs (who seems to be the backbone of PA!....) We also have a new staffie in our midst... she is a very close friend of mine and we do a lot of work together. That's right, Purity is the new Art Editor for PA! and the official site artist. Wait, you mean there was one before?! Yup! Good old Nick and his "one-man show" did the art for PA!, but he never really found the time to draw, scan, color, and upload any pictures. Fortunately Purity is here to harness her artistic talent for PA! And man, will her art blow away the other sites. Bloody Angel, I'm looking at you... accuse ME of stealing your art will you! Hah! Sic 'er Pure!

Don't think that Purity can only do art though! She is extremely diverse too. I mean she DID win Nick's last fake card contest remember? In addition to general art, she is going to work closely with me on new blanks. With the Neo finally done, we can concentrate on things like Rocket and Gym, so look for those blanks in the coming weeks.

Well then, what becomes of good old Nick15 then? He's still going to be on board, but only as a consultant really. I mean PA! is still his piece of art work, so he'll be here to help guide the new artists on what to do and what not to do in order to keep PA! a fun and orderly place to visit. He may even do page updates and other stuff. I mean if he wants Flash stuff, he'll have to do it, because Ech is VERY anti-Flash.... Oh yeah, and fake cards! Can't forget those...! He has a whole new series that he promised us and there is no way he's skipping out on that! So even though he isn't the head cheese anymore, Nick will still be around to ensure that we don't run this place into the ground and that PA! remains the best place on the Net for all your fake card needs!

Watch for PA! to be back in full swing in the next few days. Later in the week I'm going to include editorials and quick Biographies of Megs and Pure, as well as give everyone just a little more information on just who this crazed guy that's taken over PA! really is.

So then, I welcome you all back to PA!, version 4.5. (under new management)


The Echidna
Head Webmaster of Pokémon Aaah!

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